One of the general purposes of Yached Levavenu is to marshal and consolidate the prayer power of those who are in the beginning stages of the awakening from spiritual exile of the northern House of Israel. In particular, Yached Levavenu is to serve as  the working vanguard, united in prayer efforts to intercede with the Holy One of Israel on behalf of Klal /whole Israel's welfare on her road of the prophesied regathering and redemption. As such, it targets needs reflected in current events and how they impact "the dispersed of Israel, [the Lost Ten Tribes] and the scattered of Yehudah, (Isa11: 12), and the State of Israel. Special attention is focused on the awakening of the Northern House of Israel to their identity, their repentance and return to Torah observance and to camaraderie and fellowship with their brethren from Yehudah. The envisioned overall purpose is to build latter-day Israel's Mishkan of prayers to secure God's guiding Presence, the Shekhinah, to guide us toward the attainment of these goals. This is to mirror the Shekhinah's leading guidance of Israel out of Egypt and through the wilderness of Sinai. This time again we will need the guidance of the Shekhinah to guide us homeward through the wilderness of isms, philosophies, mindsets and religious backgrounds we have adapted from the nations and in which we find ourselves upon our awakening.

The site is founded on the principle of "the remnant." The "faithful remnant" is here defined as "the few who stand faithful with God's mandates in the Torah and who stand in for the many, and ask G-d for intervention in an otherwise disastrous or bogged-down negative trend. This type of interceding action is a recurring theme in the Tanach and is often mirrored in secular affairs as well, where the actions of a dedicated few have formed the turning point of history. Further, the exhortation to engage in these prayer projects is founded on the Divine injunction, expressed throughout the Tanach, for the people of Israel "to return and pray with all their heart and all their soul in the land/s of their captivity" for the healing of their land, and for deliverance from enemies, (II Chronicles 6:38 and 7:14, etc.). Words for the prayers and accompanying meditations are based on relevant texts in the Tanach and Yehudah's Divinely inspired prayers in the Siddur [prayer book] and Divine Inspiration.

We at Yached Levavenu believe that the phenomenon of Israel's awakening out of the long exile of spiritual death is depicted in Ezekiel 37.  It is a divinely conducted gradual coming alive, spiritual resurrection process, occurring presently worldwide wherever the Ten Tribes have been exiled. As such, it manifests on many fronts, in many places and in many peculiarities that address the influences of diverse individual spiritual journeys and regional histories. To be partakers of these prayer projects or other prayer-related efforts of Yached Levavenu, it is not required to believe in a particular version of Israelite identity. We recognize that access to G-d at the beginning of return to G-d is available to all on whatever level of truth one may be on.  It is not necessarily contingent on any particular or full understanding of Israel's identity in the awakening process. Rather it is contingent on God's grace and one's free choice to respond to God's calling to repentance, (Jeremiah 24:7, 29:13). Though we are expected to study and correct our misconceptions, according to the sages of Israel, G-d works with us in spite of our intellectual misunderstanding at the beginning of our awakening. He looks upon the heart, i.e. our attitudes and dispositions, and expects us to seek Him out with prayers of thanks and repentance at His promptings and whenever we discover His hand in our lives. It is hoped and encouraged that sincere seeking of ever-more purification and correction is sought by all through the direction and leading of the Ruach haKodesh / holy Spirit on their individual and corporate return to the straight paths of the Torah, (Isa.42: 16). Since answer to prayer is contingent on seeking this Straight Path for the sake of repentance/return, the site will feature articles that promote that end.  This site subscribes to Brit Am's Declaration of Principles. It is our hope that by recognizing and adhering to those guiding principles, we can further this site's common purpose to Unite Our Heart/s in prayer efforts on behalf of all the tribes of Israel and thusly come more speedily into the reunification of all the tribes of Israel as the God of Jacob intends for us to do.

To help out in this regard, please fill out the prayer research form and mail it back to the address on the home page. 

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