Yached Levavenu  ("Unite Our Heart") is organized for the purpose of promoting and supporting the currently ongoing "awakening to self-consciousness" process of the Northern House of Israel, sometimes called the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel who were prophesied (in the Tanach, / the Hebrew Scriptures) to return from historical obscurity and apostasy, to true repentance and to seeking the God of her Covenant.  It is specifically centered on and directed toward those who up to now have heard the Divine call to wake up to the concept of Israelite identity, and who also feel a call or need to achieve a closer connection to Divine Guidance on their miraculous return journey to Covenant relationship with the God of Israel. The emphasis in this regathering effort is on fostering the taking of the first steps of the return from "spiritual captivity" of the Ten Tribes, to interfacing with G-d, to His Torah's prescribed ways, to building fellowship with Yehudah and ultimately for some to returning to the Land, as set down in the Covenant with the G-d of Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov.

We at Yached Levavenu believe that the spiritual captivity, depicted in Ezekiel 37, is defined as a 2700-year-old estrangement from the G-d of Israel, from His Torah and Covenant, from Yehudah, and from the Land. This estrangement is also characterized by conformity to the ways of and identification with the nations among which we are exiled. These ways include the religions, philosophies and worldviews of the gentiles whom we set out to emulate from the beginning of our rebellion against the G-d of Israel till our present day. Yached Levavenu maintains that we are living in the beginning stage of  fulfillment of the prophesied "resurrection from the [spiritually] dead" of the Northern House of Israel as described in Ezekiel 37. We believe that this resurrection, and its concomitant return and repentance (teshuvah) process is impossible to do on one's own, and that it requires Divine empowerment and guidance from start to finish in the individual and collective exodus from 2700 years of spiritual death.

To facilitate this return / repentance process, in addition to studying the Tanach's references and injunctions to the Ten Tribes, Yached Levavenu advocates for returnees to establish and maintain a prayer-centered intimate connection with the G-d of Israel for personal and corporate guidance.  Yached Levavenu asserts that this guidance is vital for true spiritual growth and is necessary to show us the way through theological and logistical difficulties. To promote receiving this Guidance, Yached Levavenu advocates prayer around specific themes, and doing teshuvah / repentance as the Torah-prescribed response G-d's waking us and to the effects of our exile in which we find ourselves upon awakening from spiritual death in the Valley of Dry Bones (Ez. 37).

Further, and most importantly, Yached Levavenu acknowledges that Divine Guidance is to be received through G-d's directive and animating force of  G-d's holy Spirit / Ruach haKodesh, as pictured in Ezekiel 37.  For this Guidance to be received, Yached Levavenu invites participants in the building the Mishkan of Prayers. Yached Levavenu takes pointers from the challenging message of Elijah and invites readers who identify with its message to take the challenge to heart and see if they receive Divinely sent instruction to their requests about repentance on personal and corporate fronts. Yached Levavenu hopes to be one of the road signs along the way of teshuvah / repentance to further the Ten Tribes' return to the G-d of her Covenant.  To this purpose, we at Yached Levavenu believe it to be G-d's will that we unite in helping each other in the return process.

This site is prepared to facilitate this "return" process.  It is a package of articles to serve as a "curriculum." for early returnees from the Valley of Dry Bones.  It covers some essentials principles to know and processes to do for beginning returnees. It is highly recommended that the articles be printed out and gone through one at a time, in the sequence that they appear.  If possible they should be gone through with a fellow traveler on the road of return. Notes should be kept for insights, comments, and on discussions with others, and most importantly with one's self.  Above all, one should prayerfully study them, asking God to enable one to understand them and work with the reader that they may have the effect He wants the reader to have from them. One should also ask for confirmation if these principles are true, and for correction where they need correction.  Of course, one should ask for one's spiritual ears to be opened, and one should listen and expect answers, (Joel 2:23-32).  Please share your insights, effects, and most importantly what you hear from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Others will need them.


"Only prayer and Torah and repentance will unify the Tribes of Israel."

"And I will give them one heart, and I will put a new spirit within you..."

- Ezekiel 11:19

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