A Research Project on Answered Prayer


All returnees are invited to partake of this informal research to look into the manner and method members of the Regathering Movement have their prayers answered. Some receive answers directly during prayer, study, visions or dreams. For the sake of clarity in this research, these are called "Private Revelations," "PRs" and are designated by orange colored text and indications on this website. They are usually text references from the Tanach.  The project  is an effort to gather information in order to find out what we, "the first contingent to arise from the Valley of Dry Bones" need to do individually as well as a group. The answers the project hopes to gather will be pointers on Divine Guidance.  All members of the Unite Our Heart update notification list and all  returnees from the Ten Tribes are invited to be partakers of it. Manifold participation will help in refining the questionnaire for its intended purpose.  We intend to publish and disseminate the aggregate results of the project.  No names or any identifying data of participants will be disclosed. 

Please fill out a separate form for each prayer to which you have received answers. 

Please block out the form below, and "cut and paste" it into Microsoft Word and email it back as an attachment to the address on the home page.


UOH Prayer Research Form

Please answer briefly and succinctly. If you need more space, please expand the form.

Name:                                                                                                         Today's date:

Email address, (for further questions):                                                        Date of prayer you are describing below:

1. Actual question asked in prayer:

2. Associated event/s (if any), concerning the question or plea.

3. Did you receive the answer during, right after, or much later after your prayer?

    If after, how much later, please describe.

4. If during prayer, then and here, how much time did it take to receive the answer after you formulated the thought? 

5. Did you actually finish formulating the thought, or did you instantly receive the answer before you actually finished the thought, or even       before you asked?

6. How did you perceive or sense the answer?

7. Did you see the reference written out? 

8. Did you hear the reference?

9. Did the "knowledge just "pop" into your mind, without seeing or hearing?

10. If so, did it come in a clear, direct manner, or did it "slowly assemble" in your mind?

11. Did you have any difficulties in deciphering the answer?

12. If so, how was it resolved?

13. Have you received a confirmation of the answer from another source or another prayer?

14. If so, how much later?

15. From where?

16. What kind of bodily sensation did you feel, if any, concurrent with it?

17. Did you receive a page number or any other reference in the Bible, prayer book, or any other book? 

18. Have you received answers at other times?  If needed, please fill out separate forms on them. 

19. If so, to what type of questions or pleas?

20. How were they perceived?

21. Have you received answers through dreams, coincidental "synchronous events," from others, or through some other means?  

22. Any other comment, data, or suggestions you want to add:



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