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This is Yair Davidiy's website, with leading expertise on "the Lost Tribes of Israel" studies quoted around the world.  He leaves the preaching to others and focuses mainly on historical evidence, Biblical proof, and current evidence on the identity of Lost Tribes of Israel.  Yached Levavenu / Unite Our  is parallel in spirit to the purposes of Brit Am,, furthering the spread of the knowledge of the identity of the Ten Tribes being centered in the West, that they may return to their forgotten identity at the end of days.

This site is unique in all the world.  It is dedicated to "the great restoration" prophesied in the Tanach, the Torah, the Prophets and the  Writings.  This "restoration" is of all the scattered, cast out and exiled tribes of Israel, to be regathered at the end of the present age. Specifically, it is concerned with the "the-end-of-days" regathering of the so-called "lost Ten Tribes," the northern house of Israel, often called "Ephraim" in the books of the Prophets.  The site maintains that these returning Ten Tribes, and those gentiles who will join them, are to be regathered to each other as written on "the stick of Joseph and his companions" in Ezekiel 37:16.  Further this site proclaims that this "camp" is to be gathered to the Core Biblical / Abrahamic Faith of the Torah, called by Jeremiah the "good way" among the ancient paths, ( Jeremiah 6:16).  The site's "gathering" called, Synagogue Without Walls" broadcasts teachings on Shabbat and promotes social and study-related networking among its members. All members are at diverse stations on their homeward trek to the Torah, yet are being held together by mutual respect and tolerance for others on their own individual paths of return.

This site is among the leading sites that is a manifestation of God's "strong arm" being active in the regathering of so-called "Lost Ten Tribes."  It is designed only for those who are concerned with what they can do, according to the Biblical perspective, to help usher in an age of complete peace, happiness, and prosperity for all humankind.  The purpose of "United Israel," in keeping with the clear and absolute message of Hosea and all the Prophets, is to send forth a call to the descendants of Israel whom God has sown among the nations, to help them identify themselves, and to educate them in full Torah faith.  Its scholarly articles about the identity and obligations of the returning Ten Tribes, and its blog update those that are "called to return"  to the fold of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob at the prophesied "end of days."

This site tells the up-to-date story of the Holy Temple in words and in pictures.  It is a story that spans the millennia, from the very beginning of creation, to the establishment of the Third Temple, as foretold by every prophet of Israel.  This is a story now unfolding, the most exciting chapters being written now in our own times... and you can be a part of it.

AZAMRA   is dedicated to global outreach to Jews and Gentiles through Internet, quality publications and educational programs promoting the study and practice of Torah, healthy lifestyle, environmental responsibility and the pursuit of peace, coupled with timely messages for our times from the Prophets.  Check schedule for live interactive classes on Sundays and for downloadable classes on the Universal Torah Network.

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